The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries

Zambia has approximately 50 million hectares of forest, with an estimated deforestation rate of 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year. The large-scale and cross-cutting nature of interventions required to implement REDD+ in Zambia will necessitate high-level government support and reforms. In recognition of the role REDD+ can play in reducing emissions and facilitating sustainable socioeconomic development, the Zambian government is presently assessing the opportunities potentially delivered through REDD+.

National Programme Updates

Zambia: Forest surveys provide baseline data for participation in REDD+

March 2014

Having baseline data on communities’ quality-of-life provides a more complete understanding of the benefits that forests bring – such as medicine and fuel, and supporting cultural traditions – which often do not show up in GDP. ILUA II also includes issues of tenure and user-rights, which need to be monitored over time to ensure they are protected.
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Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia Host Workshops on Greenhouse Gas and National Forest Inventories

March 2013

A series of recent UN-REDD Programme training workshops provided support to these four countries as they build national capacities in assessing forest biomass and preparing greenhouse gas inventories.
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Zambia Strengthens its Monitoring and MRV Systems with New Assessment

Zambia's country-wide Integrated Land Use Assessment (ILUA) moves into Phase II in October to capture more data on forests as well as the socio-economic condition of forest dwelling communities.  Read full article…


Zambia Releases Two Studies on Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Management for REDD+

August 2012

Read more on both studies commissioned by the UN-REDD National Programme in Zambia. Read full article…

UN-REDD and FAO Explore the Legal Dimension of REDD+ Implementation

January 2012

In three new studies, the UN-REDD Programme and FAO are working with the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) to look at how legal and regulatory frameworks shape national contexts for REDD+. Read full article…

REDD+ Orientation Workshop in Zambia– Enhancing Awareness and Stakeholder Dialogue

August 2011

The first REDD+ Orientation Workshop was recently held in Zambia with the goal to enhance understanding of the REDD+ mechanism and the challenges for its design in Zambia. Read full article...

Making REDD+ Work for Zambia

July 2010

UNDP Programme Officer, Samuli Leminen, highlights REDD+ progress in Zambia since the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board approved US$4.5 million for the country’s national REDD+ strategy. Read full article...

Zambia Secures Critical Funding at the UN-REDD Programme's 4th Policy Board

March 2010

The three countries share their reactions and game plans after the UN-REDD Programme’s 4th Policy Board Meeting approved US$14.7 million for their national REDD+ programmes. Read full article...