The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries

Paraguay has experienced important changes in its forest cover over the last several decades mainly due to land use change. The forest cover of the eastern region has been reduced from 55 per cent of the surface area in the 1940s to 24 per cent in the 2000s, eliminating some 6.7 million hectares of forest. The National Programme for Paraguay will support the government in its efforts to overcome the drivers of deforestation and degradation of forests, ensuring that the country is ready for REDD+.

Paraguay will pursue three outcomes to meet this objective:

  • Improved institutional and technical capacity of government and civil society organizations to manage REDD+ activities in Paraguay
  • Capacity established to implement REDD+ at the local level
  • Increased knowledge and capacity building on REDD+ for forest dependent communities, especially Indigenous Peoples and other relevant stakeholders
National Programme Updates

Update on Paraguay's REDD+ Progress

April 2012

Paraguay recently hosted an inception workshop to kick off its UN-REDD National Programme. Read full article…

Paraguay presents the latest developments in its national forest monitoring system at the eighth UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting. Read full article…

Five More UN-REDD Partner Countries Start Implementing their National Programmes

August 2011

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Paraguay and Solomon Islands recently signed their National Programme documents, and now join the seven other UN-REDD Programme partner countries already in the implementation phase of their National Programmes. Read full article...

US$15.2 Million Approved for 5 Countries at the UN-REDD Policy Board Meeting

November 2010

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Solomon Islands talk about their REDD+ efforts and the value of their partnership with the UN-REDD Programme, after the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board recently approved funding to support their national REDD+ efforts. Read full article...

Paraguay's National Programme for REDD+

October 2010

REDD Regional Technical Advisor for the UN-REDD Programme in Paraguay, Santiago Carrizosa, highlights the steps Paraguay has taken since 2008 to develop their National Programme document for REDD+, which will be presented at the upcoming UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting in November. Read full article...

Update: UN-REDD in Latin America

August 2010

The UN-REDD Programme’s pilot and partner countries in Latin America and the Caribbean make important progress in their REDD+ readiness efforts.

Read full article...


UN-REDD in Paraguay

Budget : US $4.7 millions

Timeframe : 2011- 2014


Paraguay presentation at 3rd Policy Board Meeting – Washington (US) – October 2009


Cecilia Ugaz Estrada
UN Resident Coordinator