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UN-REDD Programme in Asia- Pacific

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Click on the interactive map to learn more about UN-REDD National Programmes

The UN-REDD Programme assists developing countries to prepare to implement REDD+, including the development of National REDD+ Strategies. Designed collaboratively by a broad range of stakeholders, National UN-REDD Programmes are informed by the technical expertise of FAO, UNDP and UNEP. Priority is given to developing sustainable national approaches that promote equitable outcomes and ensure that countries use reliable methodologies to assess emission reductions. The Programme currently supports 16 partner countries in Asia-Pacific. Nine countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam, receive direct support for their National  UN-REDD Programmes.

Other UN-REDD Programme partner countries in Asia-Pacific include Bhutan, Lao PDR, MalaysiaMyanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. These countries can benefit from receiving targeted support from the UN-REDD Programme under the Support for National Action modality. They also engage with the Programme in a number of ways, including as observers to the Programme's Policy Board, and through participation in regional workshops and unique knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Asia- Pacific Updates

Viet Nam, Norway and UN officially Launch the Viet Nam UN-REDD Phase II Programme

October 2013

On 11 October 2013, the Government of Viet Nam took another major step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and rural development sector, assisted by a US$30 million grant by the Government of Norway.
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Asia-Pacific Countries Share Progress on National Forest Inventory Systems

October 2013

Over 80 participants from the Asia-Pacific region participated in a Lessons Learned Workshop on National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) for REDD+ in Bangkok, Thailand from 15-17 October 2013.
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Viet Nam First Country Globally to Launch a National UN-REDD Phase II Programme

August 2013

Once again at the forefront of global efforts to fight climate change, Viet Nam became the first of 47 UN-REDD partner countries to move into the second phase of a US$30 million programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved forest and land-use management.
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Learning Exchange on Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Indonesia

June/July 2013

A learning exchange workshop held in June explored lessons learned from efforts to implement FPIC.
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Valuable Breakthrough in Indonesia’s Efforts Towards Improved REDD+ Governance

May 2013

Indonesian stakeholders launch Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+. Read full article…
By: Tina Hageberg, Dr. Abdul Wahib Situmorang and Emelyne Cheney

Mongolia’s Forest Sector is Good Value for Money

May 2013

A recent UN-REDD study calculates the economic value of the forest sector. Read full article…

Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce Established

April 2013

The establishment and operation of the Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce will generate numerous lessons that will be of added value to countries facing challenges in managing REDD+ Readiness processes. Read full article…

UN-REDD Hosts Regional Workshop on Social and Environmental Safeguards

April 2013

At a recent consultative workshop in Bangkok participants shared knowledge and experience on safeguard policies in REDD+. Read full article…
By: Kanwar Muhammad Javed Iqbal and Pasang Sherpa

UN-REDD Hosts Regional Lessons Learned Workshop on Social and Environmental Safeguards

April 2013

REDD+ experts from across the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to share experiences and build capacities for better understanding of safeguards system in REDD+.  Read full article…

Bangladesh Paves the Way in Climate Financing Sector

April 2013

National Workshop on REDD+ highlights progress achieved in Bangladesh’s national REDD+ Readiness Roadmap. Read full article…

Indonesia and UN-REDD to Host Global Symposium on REDD+ in a Green Economy

Feb/Mar 2013

The Global Symposium aims to highlight how REDD+ can help countries to further develop their green growth agenda. Read full article…

UN-REDD Partner Countries Increase their REDD+ Technical Expertise

Feb/Mar 2013

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia host workshops on Greenhouse Gas and National Forest Inventories

Bhutan Explores REDD+ Safeguards and Multiple Benefits

Solomon Islands and Pakistan Move Forward with their National REDD+ Roadmaps

Feb/Mar 2013

Solomon Islands REDD+ Taskforce makes an appeal to its national cabinet for increased leadership and coordination; and Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change makes forests a major part of the country’s strategy to combat climate change. Read full article…

REDD+ in Indonesia – Is Indonesia Ready?

Dec 2012/Jan 2013

After three years of effective REDD+-readiness work, supported by Indonesia's UN-REDD National Programme, the country is progressing towards the next phase of its REDD+ efforts. Read full article…
By: Rogier Klaver

REDD+ Progress in Bhutan and Cambodia

Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Over the past few months, UN-REDD Programme partner countries Bhutan and Cambodia have taken important steps forward in their REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article…

Lao PDR and Morocco Join the UN-REDD Programme

November 2012

The UN-REDD Programme is now working with 46 partner countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Phasing out REDD+ Phase I in Viet Nam

November 2012

Viet Nam is one of the first UN-REDD Programme partner country to operationally close its UN-REDD National Programme focused on REDD+ readiness work under Phase 1, and begin moving forward with its REDD+ Phase II efforts. Read full article…
By: Thomas Enters

Indonesia Presents its REDD+ Forest Governance Progress

November 2012

During an international forest governance session last month in Republic of the Congo, Indonesia highlighted its work with the UN-REDD Programme in tackling governance challenges through participatory governance assessments for REDD+. Read full article…

Lao PDR and Morocco Join the UN-REDD Programme

November 2012

The UN-REDD Programme is now working with 46 partner countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean. Read full article…

Solomon Islands Focuses on REDD+ Awareness Raising and National Forest Monitoring

October 2012

The UN-REDD National Programme in Solomon Islands recently brought together a broad range of stakeholders to raise REDD+ awareness and begin work on the country's national forest monitoring system. Read full article…

New Success Story Series: Indonesia's Participatory Governance Assessment

October 2012

The UN-REDD Programme kicks off a new "Success Stories" series with a look at the impacts of Indonesia's robust Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+. Read full article…

Viet Nam Releases New REDD+ Reports on Phase 1 and Awareness Raising

September 2012

In August, Viet Nam launched a lessons learned report reflecting on Phase 1, and another looking at best practices for effective REDD+ training and awareness raising. Read full article…

Indigenous Peoples in Asia-Pacific Call for a Strengthened Role in REDD+

September 2012

At a recent dialogue event in Bangkok, indigenous peoples from across Asia-Pacific made valuable recommendations on how to increase collaboration and stakeholder engagement in REDD+.
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By: The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact 


Viet Nam Shares REDD+ Lessons with Cambodia and Myanmar

September 2012

Delegates from Cambodia and Myanmar met in Viet Nam for South-South Exchange on REDD+ Readiness Preparations. 
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Indonesia Explores the Multiple Benefits of REDD+

August 2012

The UN-REDD National Programme in Indonesia recently brought together a diverse group of stakeholders  to discuss potential benefits derived from REDD+ beyond carbon.
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Indonesia and Viet Nam Advance Approaches to Forest Monitoring for REDD+

July 2012

UN-REDD National Programmes in Indonesia and Viet Nam are building national technical capacity in forest biomass estimation for REDD+.
By: Akiko Inoguchi and Martha Maulidia
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Malaysia and Uganda Join the UN-REDD Programme
June 2012

The UN-REDD Programme is now working with 44 partner countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean. Read full article…

South-South Exchange on REDD+ Governance Sets Up Unique Community of Practice

May 2012

The UN-REDD Programme recently supported the first South-South Exchange on Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+ which established a community of practice in Asia-Pacific to strengthen REDD+ governance efforts. Read full article…

The Philippines Seeks Inputs from UN-REDD on REDD+ Safeguards

March/ April 2012

The UN-REDD Programme shares its experience during a consultation workshop on biodiversity and governance safeguards in the Philippines. Read full article…

Clarifying Forest Governance in Viet Nam

March/ April 2012

Through GO-REDD+, the UN-REDD Programme team in Asia-Pacific will disseminate a wide range of regionally-focused information on REDD+ to assist countries in their REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article…

Stakeholders Endorse Sri Lanka's UN-REDD National Programme

February 2012 

Sri Lanka is now ready to submit their REDD+ National Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) and request for approval and funding at the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting in March. Read full article…


Addressing Corruption Risks in REDD+ in Asia-Pacific

November 2011 

The UN-REDD Programme recently co-organized two regional workshops in Nepal and Thailand to identify practical recommendations in tackling corruption risks for REDD+. Read full article…

UN-REDD and CBD Team-up to Support Capacity Building on REDD+ Safeguards

October 2011 

With support from the UN-REDD Programme, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has recently published results from a regional workshop series on capacity building for REDD+ safeguards spanning Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean. Read full article...

UN-REDD Launches New REDD+ Capacity Building Studies for Asia and Africa

September 2011

The studies will provide insights on capacity building issues for REDD+ from selected countries, and present an assessment of gaps that countries confront in developing REDD+ programmes. Read full article...

UN-REDD at CBD's REDD+ Capacity Building Workshop in Asia-Pacific

April 2011

The UN-REDD Programme presented its draft Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria and supports Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society representatives to participate in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) “Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation and Capacity-Building Workshop on REDD+, including on Relevant Biodiversity Safeguards”. Read full article...