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Second Policy Board Meeting

The UN-REDD Programme held its second Policy Board meeting from 14th to 15th June 2009 in Switzerland, back-to-back with the meeting of the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.

The meeting marked the first time that the full membership of the board had been in session, notably with full and broad participation of indigenous peoples and civil society organizations, together with representatives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility and potential new donors.

Press Release: A Second UN-REDD Programme Policy Board Meeting convened in Switzerland – significant progress made – Denmark recognized possibility of funding UN-REDD Programme » Read More

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For more information – please find below related documentations

  • Presentations
  1. Advisory Group on Forests, Rights and Climate Change
  2. High level support for REDD
  3. Global Joint Programme workplan and budget revision
  4. National Joint Programme Updates
  5. National Joint Programme harmonization
  6. Technical Advice in the UN-REDD Programme
  7. Papua New Guinea National System to monitor and report GHGs emission from forest land
  8. Ensuring Social Benefits from REDD
  9. Taking Action on Monitoring REDD Implementation
  10. Multiple Benefits from REDD
  • Documents
  1. List of Participants
    English French Spanish
  2. Agenda
    English French Spanish
  3. UN-REDD Programme Multi Donor Trust Fund – Semi Annual Update
    English French  Spanish
  4. UN-REDD Programme Multi Donor Trust Fund - Funding framework
    English French Spanish
  5. UN-REDD Programme Work Plan
    English  French  Spanish
  6. Budget Revision Submission Form to the Policy Board
    English  French Spanish
  7. Framework for Action 2009-2014 on Measuring, reporting and verification (MRV)
    English French Spanish
  8. Multiple Benefits – Issues and Options for REDD
    English French Spanish
  9. Background Analysis of National REDD Regulatory Frameworks - Summary
    English French  Spanish
  10. Scope of Work – Towards a “Governance MRV Framework”
     French Spanish
  11. Operational Guidance: Engagement of Indigenous People and Other forest Dependent Communities
    English French Spanish
  12. Establishing an Independent Civil Society Advisory Group and transparent Global Learning on Forests, Livelihoods, and Climate Change
    English French Spanish
  13. Use of Technical Advice in the UN-REDD Programme
    English French  Spanish
  14. Vietnam National Joint Programme Progress Report
    English French Spanish
  15. National Joint Programmes: Guidance for Fund Management Arrangements
    English French Spanish
  16. Strategic Overview
    English French  Spanish
  17. 1st Policy Board Report
    English French Spanish
  18. UN-REDD Programme Rules of Procedure and Operational Guidance
    English French  Spanish
  19. UN-REDD Programme Policy Board Meeting Terms of Reference
    English French  Spanish