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Viet Nam study on a benefit distribution system to be released at COP15

A team of national and international experts examined the requirements for a benefit distribution system compliant with REDD+

Under the leadership of the Viet Nam Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the UN-REDD Programme, with co-financing support from the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), gathered a team of national and international technical experts and advisors over the last few months to analyze the requirements for a benefits distribution system compliant with REDD+ in Viet Nam.

The study reviews experiences and lessons from various systems of benefit-sharing in Viet Nam in the forest and natural resource management sector;
identifies current constraints that prevent strengths and weaknesses relevant to the establishment of an efficient, transparent and equitable system for distribution of benefits arising from REDD, and propose policy options to overcome those constraints; and develops a programme of work to implement the necessary legal, policy and institutional changes required to overcome the identified weaknesses.

The conclusions of the study will be released at COP15 in Copenhagen, and on the UN-REDD Programme website, and broadly worldwide.

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Viet Nam study on a benefit distribution system to be released at COP15

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Reports & Analysis

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Looking ahead

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15)
7-18 December 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

Forest Day 3
13 December, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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