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Reports & Analysis

Four New Go-REDD+ Issues from UN-REDD in Asia-Pacific

The latest Go-REDD+ issues from the UN-REDD Programme Asia-Pacific listserv discuss the benefits of REDD+ project for local people; issues related to tenure, rights and networks; and deforestation data for increased transparency related to REDD+. It also explores general public’s understanding of REDD+ and the UN-REDD Programme.

The Go-REDD+ issue entitled, “Do REDD+ Projects Deliver Benefits To Local People?” explores the extent which REDD+ projects can enhance opportunity benefits – jobs, payment, education and infrastructure as well as strengthening the rights of local people.

The Go-REDD+ issue entitled, “Tenure, Rights, and Networks: Key Issue for REDD+ to be Viable” explores whether security of tenure can  lead to better forest management, more effective forest conservation, and improved livelihoods for local stakeholders.

The Go-REDD+ issue entitled, “Countries Make Deforestation Data Available for Increased Transparency of REDD+ Efforts” discusses how countries can make differences by making deforestation data available for increased transparency of REDD+ efforts.

The Go-REDD+ issue entitled, “What is the UN-REDD Programme, again?” discusses what UN-REDD Programme is all about.

About Go-REDD+
Go-REDD+ is a bi-monthly newsletter distributed by email and managed by the UN-REDD Programme team in Asia-Pacific. The main objective is to distribute information, synopses of research results and activities related to REDD+ in Asia-Pacific, to assist countries in their REDD+ readiness efforts.

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In this issue


UN-REDD Programme Approves US$4 million for Colombia’s National Programme

The Royal Government of Bhutan Promotes REDD+ Awareness Programme

Learning Exchange on Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Indonesia

Actividades en Ecuador

Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Evaluate their Participation in REDD+

Global Symposium on REDD+ in a Green Economy

Workshop Held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Spatial Planning Tools for Achieving Multiple Benefits from REDD+

Gender Sensitive REDD+: How To Do It?

GlobAllomeTree, a New Web Platform to Improve Assessment of Forest Biomass and Carbon Stocks

UN-REDD Launches Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent and Consults on Community-Based REDD+ at UNPFII

The R-PP Validation Workshop in Colombia Exceeds Expectations

Features & Commentary

Pilot Projects versus National Policy in the REDD+ Arena
By: Josep A. Garí

Reports & Analysis

Making the Case for Private Sector Engagement in REDD+

Four New Go-REDD+ Issues from UN-REDD in Asia-Pacific

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