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UN-REDD at COP18 and Forest Day 6

At the UNFCCC Climate Change talks (COP18) in Doha last month, the UN-REDD Programme engaged in a number of events aimed at building national REDD+ capacities; Norway and UN-REDD announce US$30 million for a second phase of REDD+ in Viet Nam.

At the UN-REDD Programme COP18 side event, entitled "Meeting Country Needs for REDD+ Readiness and Beyond", Norway signed a Joint Declaration with the Government of Viet Nam and a US$30 million financing agreement with the United Nations to support a second phase of the UN-REDD National Programme in Viet Nam. This second phase (2012-2015) will significantly scale up the work Viet Nam has been doing, with support from Norway and the UN-REDD Programme since 2009, to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.
Read more on the new financing agreement for REDD+ in Viet Nam.

Before the signing of Viet Nam's Phase II agreement, high-level representatives from Costa Rica, Mexico and Nigeria presented their latest progress in the areas of REDD+ safeguards and legal preparedness to more than 100 participants and REDD+ stakeholders in attendance at the side event.
Read more on side event interventions from Costa Rica, Mexico and Nigeria.

COP18 side event presentations:

UN-REDD at Forest Day 6
During Forest Day 6 on the margins of COP18, the UN-REDD Programme engaged in three discussion forums on governance frameworks for REDD+, financing REDD+, and national forest monitoring systems for REDD+.

REDD+ Financing: Closing the Gap
The REDD+ financing discussion forum at FD6, hosted by the UN REDD Programme, IUCN and UNEP, brought together a panel of international experts to address the challenges posed by the current REDD+ finance gap. Although the REDD+ community often focuses on the financial gap between predictions of what is required for REDD+ and what is currently pledged for REDD+, one of the clear messages to emerge was that narrowing the ‘perspective gap’ was a critical precondition to narrowing the financial gap. Read more

UN-REDD Engages with Indigenous Peoples at COP18
The UN-REDD Programme had a number of discussions with indigenous peoples’ networks and representatives that participated in CoP 18. Since the UN-REDD Programme’s inception in 2008, its practice of consulting regularly with indigenous peoples has shaped the Programme’s approach and action in countries, leading to the promotion of strong stakeholder engagement principles for the UN-REDD Programme, including a strong body of work to apply the principle of free, prior and informed consent. The discussions around CoP 18 provided an opportunity to discuss the progress and future goals for ensuring the continued inclusion of indigenous peoples in REDD+ processes as the initiative evolves and grows. Read More

UN-REDD Supports REDD+ Partnership Progress at COP18 in Doha
On 5 December, 173 participants including 27 ministers, high-level representatives from REDD+ Partnership countries and stakeholders reaffirmed their commitment to the REDD+ Partnership, and to continue their REDD+ efforts during a new period of work. The meeting, supported by the UN-REDD Programme and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, was co-chaired by Mr. René Castro Salazar, Minister for Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, Costa Rica, and Mr. Jonathan Pershing, Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change, USA. They opened the meeting with remarks about how the Partnership has evolved since its launch in May 2010, and its prospects looking forward. Aspirations for the REDD+ Partnership were high. Read more





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UN-REDD at COP18 and Forest Day 6

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