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UN-REDD at COP18 and Forest Day 6

The UN-REDD Programme invites participants at the upcoming Doha Climate Change Conference and Forest Day 6 to join in the conversation on a range of REDD+ topics, and pick up newly released UN-REDD Programme publications and resources.

During the 18th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference (COP18), happening 26 November to 7 December in Doha, Qatar, and at CIFOR's sixth Forest Day on 2 December, the UN-REDD Programme will host several sessions to advance discussions and raise greater awareness of the most current REDD+ issues being discussed at national, regional and global levels.

UN-REDD Programme COP18 side event
Title: UN-REDD Programme: Meeting Country Needs for Concrete Progress Through REDD+ Readiness
Date: Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Time: 13:15-14:45
Location: Side Event Room 1, Qatar National Convention Centre

As countries are making progress through REDD+ readiness, the UN-REDD Programme is working with donors and REDD+ countries to find innovative means of support to meet the needs of advancing REDD+ implementation. This side event will demonstrate how the UN-REDD Programme is evolving and innovating to support countries to complete their readiness phase, designing its activities to better support emerging country needs from progress in implementation.

The value of the UN-REDD Programme’s collaborative country-driven approach will be illustrated with a presentation of the Programme’s work on REDD+ governance and safeguards, followed by country presentations on innovative approaches and achievements on safeguards and legal preparedness, two areas where demands by many countries are increasing.

Norway and Viet Nam will strike the opening of this event with the signing of a joint declaration, the first-ever REDD+ Phase II agreement supported by the Programme's recently approved Tier 2 funding modality. This initial agreement for support from Norway is in the amount of US$30 million, with subsequent funding to follow.

New UN-REDD Programme Publications

In the COP18 exhibit area at the Qatar National Convention Centre, as well as at Forest Day 6 at the Renaissance Doha City Centre Hotel, stop by the UN-REDD Programme booth and pick the Programme's publication CD with all the latest resources and materials the Programme has launched over the past year.

Included on the CD are the Programme's recently released Africa Lessons Learned publication, and the Programme's second Policy Brief, looking at the multiple benefits of REDD+.

Both of these publications were launched just last month (in English, French and Spanish) at CBD COP11 in India, and at the ninth UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting in Republic of the Congo.

Forest Day 6
Date: Sunday, 2 December, 2012
Time: 9:00-18:45
Location: Renaissance Doha City Centre Hotel

At Forest Day 6, join representatives from the UN-REDD Programme's Participating UN Organizations (FAO, UNDP and UNEP) as they lead the following discussion forums exploring a range of REDD+ issues:

National Forest Monitoring Systems for REDD+ 
Time: 11:00-12:30

Developing countries aiming to implement REDD+ activities under the UNFCCC's Cancun Agreements (Decision 1/CP.16) should develop a National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS). The forum will provide information on methodological proposals from participating countries for implementing an NFMS and explore how these proposals would allow countries to comply with REDD+ requirements. In particular, the forum will focus on how NFMSs can be built through a sustainable stepwise approach that builds on available resources found within each country such as pre-existing monitoring efforts and forest inventories. The goal of any methodological approach should be to implement an NFMS that would allow countries to improve performance incrementally depending on the countries' varied capabilities and national circumstances.

Keynote speaker: Jim Penman OBE, Chair, Methods and Guidance Advisory Group of the Global Forest Observations Initiative, member of the Task Force Bureau for the IPCC Greenhouse Gas Inventory Programme

Panelists include: Martin Herold, Professor, Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University

Financing REDD+: Closing the gap
Time: 16:00-17:30

Without predictable, sufficient REDD+ finance, there is a danger that the REDD+ momentum in forest nations might fade. In order to redirect economies away from business-as-usual pathways, forest countries need the assurance that predictable international finance will be available to support them in their transition.
The keynote speaker will focus on the case of REDD+ in highlighting the successes and challenges experienced in financing the transition to a "Green Economy". The panel will also address potential solutions to the current interim financing gap as well as industry perspectives on the conditions required to unlock large-scale, long-term private sector finance.

Panelists include: Donald Kanak, Chairman, Prudential Corporation Asia; Thierry Nowaczyk, Product Environment Manager, Airbus; Hans Brattskar, Director General and Special Envoy for Climate Change, Norwegian Ministry of the Environment; Naoko Ishii, CEO, Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Governance Frameworks for REDD+
Time: 11:00-12:30

While the technical aspects of REDD+ readiness have seen improvements, there have been limited efforts to-date on developing legal frameworks that support effective REDD+ implementation. The issues to be addressed through REDD+ are complex in nature and adequate legal frameworks will be needed to address environmental, social and economic issues in a coherent way. Additionally, the development of a legal framework needs to attune to market-driven instruments in order to achieve effective governance mechanisms. The review of existing legislation and conducting gap analysis of inconsistencies among sectoral laws will help address the drivers of deforestation and support the design of efficient participatory governance mechanisms. This session will explore the key ingredients needed for a successful REDD+ legal framework by considering national examples from a group of forested countries. In particular, the panel will include legislators and government representatives from REDD+ countries who will describe the growing role that their parliament, ministries and national institutions are playing as REDD+ evolves, not only in terms of advancing legal reform but also in providing oversight and scrutiny of national policy and budgets.
Keynote speaker: Barry Gardiner, Vice-President of GLOBE International, Member of Parliament from the UK

Panelists include:

Honourable Rebecca Garcia, Congresswoman for the State of the Amazonas at the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, Vice-Leader, Federal Government in the Chamber of Deputies, Vice-Chair of the Environment and Sustainable Development Commission, Member of GLOBE Brazil
Honourable Joseph Ipalaka, Member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Member of GLOBE DRC






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Looking ahead

REDD+ Partnership Meeting
25 November, 2012: Doha, Qatar

UNFCCC Climate Change Conference (COP18)
26 November- 7 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

Forest Day 6
2 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

UN-REDD Programme COP18 side event
5 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

REDD+ Partnership High-Level Event
5 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

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