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Zambia Strengthens its Monitoring and MRV Systems with New Assessment

Zambia's country-wide Integrated Land Use Assessment (ILUA) moves into Phase II in October to capture more data on forests as well as the socio-economic condition of forest dwelling communities.

The Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Zambia, Wylbur Simuusa, recently launched Phase II of the country-wide Integrated Land Use Assessment (ILUA II) supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Government of Finland.

The UN-REDD National Programme in Zambia will benefit greatly from Phase II of the country-wide ILUA since it will be building the basis for a robust and transparent measuring, reporting and verification system of the data collected in-country.

Ceremonial handing over of the key for the ILUA II field vehicles from Mr Adrianus Spijkers (FAO Representative of Zambia) to the Minister for Lands, Naturals Resources and Environmental Protection, Mr Wylbur Simuusa.

Minister Simuusa addressed the nation through the ZNBC, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation to launch the initiative last month stressing the importance of quality information for REDD+. He stated that, "Information about the extent, quality and quantity of forests is needed to support political decision making, to fulfill international reporting requirements and to gain access to potential funding mechanisms such as REDD+.”

Sustainable forest management requires assessments of a forest's physical extent and composition as well as the socio-economic benefits provided to communities. Zambia's ILUA II aims to enhance capacity in collecting and analyzing forest resource information for sustainable forest management, REDD+ monitoring and carbon inventory. With more than 4000 sampling sites across Zambia, ILUA II will assess forests and integrated land-use practices in order to provide new qualitative and quantitative information on the state, use, management and trends of these resources. The information collected in ILUA II will satisfy local, national, regional and international reporting requirements, and will facilitate informed decision making at all levels. ILUA II will provide an important input into Monitoring and MRV reporting requirements for REDD+.

The UN-REDD Programme is catalyzing momentum from ongoing efforts to establish and operationalize the Zambian National Forest Monitoring System. This system will be strengthened and enhanced by the launch of ILUA II, and the commencement of field measurements in October. Zambia's UN-REDD National Programme and ILUA II have the opportunity to coordinate and synchronize to ensure the establishment of a robust and bona fide national MRV system for Zambia.




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