Tanzania Calls for Comments on its National REDD+ Strategy

The REDD+ Task Force in Tanzania is seeking comments on a second draft of the country’s National REDD+ Strategy and a draft Action Plan.

The second draft of Tanzania's REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan, released last month, builds on the country's first draft National REDD+ Strategy, which was released in December 2010. This latest draft marks a critical step forward in finalizing Tanzania's National REDD+ Strategy.

The draft strategy identifies 10 key result areas: 1. REDD+ baseline scenario, monitoring, reporting and verification systems are established; 2. Financial mechanisms and incentive schemes for REDD+ are established; 3. All stakeholders are engaged and actively participate in the REDD+ implementation process; 4. All REDD+ schemes are well coordinated; 5. All REDD+ financing options are well understood; 6. Governance mechanism for REDD+ are in place; 7. Training programmes and infrastructure for REDD+ are developed; 8. Current knowledge and scientific understanding of REDD+ issues are improved through research; 9. An effective information and knowledge communication system on REDD+ issues is developed; 10. REDD+ strategy options for addressing drivers of deforestation and forest degradation are developed.  For each key result area, the draft Action Plan identifies strategies and activities for implementation, expected outcomes, indicators, a timeframe and key players.

Stakeholders can submit comments by email to the Secretariat of the National REDD+ Task Force. Download the National REDD+ Strategy and draft Action Plan here.

Next steps
The Secretariat of the National REDD+ Task Force has now initiated a consultation process which will seek to hold a series of workshops throughout the country during the coming month to discuss the second draft strategy and next steps with stakeholders. At the end of August, a national high-level workshop will be held to further discuss the draft strategy and a discussion with development partners is planned.

As a further measure to ensure a robust final strategy, the Parliamentary Committee on Land, Natural Resources and the Environment will deliberate on the draft strategy before it is sent to Cabinet for approval.  The Parliamentary Committee on Land, Natural Resources and the Environment has been briefed several times on climate change in general and REDD+ in particular. The UN-REDD National Programme contributed to these briefings, among other activities associated with the development of Tanzania's National REDD+ Strategy.

Over the past months, the UN-REDD National Programme has also supported a series of workshops for foresters in government services throughout the country. These workshops raised the general awareness of foresters on REDD+ and provided an opportunity for them to also discuss the draft National REDD+ Strategy. Overall, about 500 government foresters, mostly staff members of the Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) and the Prime Minister’s Office - Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG), participated in these workshops.

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