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Five More UN-REDD Partner Countries Start Implementing their National Programmes

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Paraguay and Solomon Islands recently signed their National Programme documents, and now join the seven other UN-REDD Programme partner countries already in the implementation phase of their National Programmes.

With the signature of these five National Programmes and the first transfer of funds from the UN-REDD Programme, 12 of the 13 UN-REDD Programme partner countries with National Programmes approved by the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board have finalized their documents and have entered into implementation.

The process that these partner countries have followed to enter into the implementation stage involved developing their National Programme documents-- which define a road map for their REDD+ readiness processes—and presenting those Programmes to the UN-REDD Policy Board for approval and funding allocations. Moving forward into implementation, these countries will now need to conduct further stakeholder engagement and consultation, begin developing capacities, and design the main technical elements needed to implement REDD+ activities in the country.

Read more on the goals of each of these four National Programmes in the UN-REDD Programme's 2010 Year in Review (pgs 9-10), in the UN-REDD Partner Country at a Glance, and in the National Programme's section of the UN-REDD website.

"The UN-REDD Programme congratulates these five partner countries for reaching this significant achievement and looks forward to continuing to support countries in their REDD+ readiness efforts," said Clea Paz-Rivera, Programme Officer of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat.

Country reactions
"I'm profoundly satisfied with the role of Indigenous Peoples in the development of (Paraguay's) Programme," said Jorge Lara Castro, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Paraguay.

Paraguay is the first UN-REDD Programme partner country to have their National Programme signed by Indigenous Peoples (FAPI), in addition to the UN-REDD Programme agencies (FAO, UNDP and UNEP) and the national Government of Paraguay. For this reason, Minister Lara Castro recently stated that, "Paraguay is a pioneer in the UN-REDD Programme, and the country will continue to ensure that this initiative can serve to achieve sustainable development goals of local communities."

Cambodia's UN-REDD National Programme was completed in August 2011. "This represents a key milestone in the REDD+ readiness phase for Cambodia and sets a new standard for policy development in the forestry sector in Cambodia," said Omaliss Keo, REDD Focal Point for the Government of Cambodia.

"We are now actively moving forward with establishing (our) National Programme, and look forward to a REDD+ readiness process over the next few years that fully engages all relevant ministries in full consultation with key stakeholders, representatives of civil society and Indigenous Peoples," said Keo.

Solomon Islands
"The recent endorsement and signing of the UN-REDD National Programme Document for Solomon Islands is an important step forward for the country to put in place a national REDD+ strategy," says Chanel Iroi, Under Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Solomon Islands.

"Solomon Islands fully values the partnership with the UN-REDD Programme especially the tireless efforts of the staff of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat. We would also like to thank the UNDP Bangkok regional office and Honiara UNDP sub office for the tremendous assistance in securing the endorsement of the document. We will now focus on implementing the project and the usual assistance of our partners will continue to be valued," says Iroi.

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