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UN-REDD in Cancun

The UN-REDD Programme organized and participated in various events at COP16 and Forest Day 4 in Cancun, with the goal of facilitating and contributing to knowledge sharing and a greater understanding of what countries need to make REDD+ work.

Knowledge is often best shared face to face. While there is an impressive body of literature on critical REDD+ issues ranging from ecosystem benefits to good governance and financial mechanisms, stakeholders need to exchange, talk and challenge each other in person. COP16 provided such a space, and the share of events dedicated to REDD+ was an indication of how hot REDD+ has grown since Copenhagen.

Participants at the CEB One UN side event in Cancun

Sharing knowledge and lessons learned and convening a broad constituency of stakeholders to advance thinking and find operational solutions to upcoming REDD+ issues is one of the objectives of the UN-REDD Programme. The UN-REDD Programme organized and participated in a number of events and panels that were instrumental platforms in sharing knowledge on REDD+. These events included:

  • The high level event “Delivering as One: Achievements and Lessons Learned from REDD+ Readiness Activities” (see summary and presentations), which emphasized the need for partnerships between governments, UN agencies, the World Bank and NGOs  to deliver effective and equitable REDD+ outcomes.
  • Building on the "REDD+ Hour" workshops launched in Nagoya, three "REDD+ Hour" Open Sessions (links to 1st, 2nd and 3rd session) were organized throughout the two weeks at COP16 in Cancun, bringing together countries and various UN-REDD Programme experts in an informal, one-on-one setting to respond to questions about REDD+ and the status of the negotiations.
  • REDD+ Hour workshop on biodiversity, highlighting safeguards for biodiversity, tools for incorporating biodiversity conservation into REDD+ and monitoring of biodiversity.
  • The Viet Nam UN-REDD Programme presented its pioneer work on Free, prior and informed consent in a side event hosted by RECOFTC.

At Forest Day 4, the UN-REDD Programme's involvement included:

At both COP16 and Forest Day 4, the UN-REDD Programme was there to listen and engage with REDD+ countries, in order to better understand and service the needs of REDD+ countries moving forward. The Programme was grateful for the chance to meet with various REDD+ stakeholder in person and looks forward to similar opportunities throughout 2011.

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