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The Congo

The Congo lies in the heart of the world's second largest tropical forest basin.The country covers 342 000 km², about two-thirds of which is forested.

While rates of deforestation in the country have been extremely low to date (less than 0.1%), the country is aware that economic globalization which encourages the expansion of the agriculture, bioenergy and extractive industry sectors, can be done to the detriment of the natural forestland. The Congo is actively seeking to undertake significant investment in order to prevent such risks and turn towards a green economy and development.

The Congo joined the UN-REDD Programme as partner country and observer to the Policy Board in February 2010, and had their UN-REDD National Programme endorsed in March 2012.

National Programme Updates

The Congo Signs its UN-REDD National Programme

November 2012

At the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board last month, Republic of the Congo became the 15th UN-REDD partner country to sign its National Programme, kicking off REDD+ implementation in the country. Read more...

UN-REDD Programme Approves US$8 million in Critical Funding for REDD+ in the Congo  and Sri Lanka

March 2012

The UN-REDD Policy Board also endorses the Programme's Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria as a guiding framework for REDD+ countries. Read more...

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Encouraging Signs for the REDD+ Process in the Congo

September 2011

A year after the approval of its REDD+ readiness preparation proposal, and a few months after the Tropical Forests Summit, favorable conditions are reinforcing the The Republic of the Congo's intention to explore the REDD+ pathway. Read full article…

Tropical Forest Summit in Brazzaville to Focus on Sustainable Management of Rainforests

October 2011

Top officials from more than 35 nations covering the world’s three major rainforest basin regions will gather at a United Nations-backed conference next month to discuss the common challenges faced by these vital ecosystems that support more than a billion people. Read full article…

UN-REDD and FCPF Joint Mission in the Congo

September 2010

Civil Society representative to the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board, Pacifique Mukumba Isumbisho, reports on stakeholder consultation and engagement in The Republic of the Congo’s REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article…

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Brazzaville Declaration Reaffirms Central Africa’s Commitment to REDD+

May 2010

The Declaration recognizes REDD+ as a “crucial” mechanism in the global fight against climate change and highlights the region’s desire to work with the UN-REDD Programme. Read full article…

8 New Countries Join the UN-REDD Programme

February 2010

The UN-REDD Programme welcomes eight more countries from Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific to the Programme. Read full article…


UN-REDD in the Congo

Budget: US$4 million

Timeframe: 2012-2014 


Submission request - as presented to the Policy Board (March 2012)

Programme to support the REDD+ Process (March 2012)
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Manneh Lamin
UN Resident Coordinator
Brazaville Congo