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Daniela Carrion
REDD Specialist, Ecuador

Ecuador has approximately 10 million hectares of diverse forest types covering approximately 55% of the country. Recent data from Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment estimates that the deforestation rate is 61,764 hectares per year. In order to reverse forest loss, Ecuador is implementing a series of initiatives to reduce deforestation in the country as part of good governance of forest resources and to simultaneously contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing GHG emissions related to this activity.

The UN-REDD Programme welcomed Ecuador as a partner country in October 2009, and approved a US$4 million funding allocation to Ecuador’s National Programme in March 2011.

National Programme Updates

Actividades en Ecuador

June/July 2013

Ecuador arranca ciclo de talleres de intercambio y análisis productivo para REDD+ y conforma Mesa de Trabajo sobre REDD+.
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Ecuador Ramps Up Education on REDD+ and Climate Change

March 2013

During a recent “Training for Trainers” workshop, Ecuador focused on increasing its capacity to promote a better understanding of how REDD+ can help mitigate climate change in the country.
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Designing Meaningful Participation for REDD+ in Ecuador

September 2012

Ecuador's Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+ is laying the groundwork for inclusive, action-oriented evaluation of governance in the REDD+ sector.
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By: Danae Issa 

Ecuador Launches its UN-REDD National Programme

August 2012

Last month, Ecuador's inception workshop brought together local and national level stakeholders to officially kick-off the country's UN-REDD National Programme.
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National UN-REDD Programme Updates

November 2011

Ecuador signs its National Programme and enters into implementation; REDD+ Readiness consultations begin in Bangladesh; the Philippines officially kicks off REDD+ implementation with its Inception workshop; and Viet Nam finalizes its study on ecological stratification linked to REDD+. Read full article…

Report on Multiple Benefits of REDD+ in Ecuador now Available in Spanish

November 2011

With support from the UN-REDD Programme, the summary report on multiple benefits of REDD+ in Ecuador is now available in English and SpanishRead full article…

Ecuador Continues to Advance its REDD+ Readiness Efforts

September 2011

Read the latest summary of Ecuador’s REDD+ Readiness efforts here.

Regional Workshop in Ecuador Focuses on Rights and REDD+ in the Amazon

July 2011

Civil Society representatives from the UN-REDD Programme participated in the workshop which recommends the establishment of a regional REDD+ Observatory for the Amazon that focuses on the rights of Indigenous Peoples in REDD+.
By: Juliana Splendore, IPAM 
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Safeguards Highlighted at UN-REDD and Ecuador Event in Bonn

June 2011

The UN-REDD Programme and Ecuador's side event at the UN's Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) focused on new tools and country progress in addressing REDD+ safeguards. Read full article...

The Road Ahead for REDD+ in Ecuador

April 2011

On the heels of Ecuador's new funding allocation from the UN-REDD Programme, Daniela Carrión, REDD+ Specialist for Ecuador's Ministry of Environment, highlights the country's next steps and challenges in developing and implementing their national REDD+ strategy. Read full article...

Partnering with UN-REDD

April 2011

At the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting last month in Viet Nam, partner country representatives, civil society organizations and donors spoke to the UN-REDD Programme about their evolving commitment to REDD+ and the value of their partnership with the Programme. Read full article...

Ecuador's National Programme receives US$4 million from UN-REDD Programme

April 2011

Ecuador states that UN-REDD Programme support will be instrumental to the country’s National REDD+ Strategy, especially in the areas of stakeholder engagement and setting up systems for measuring, reporting and verification for REDD+. Read full article...

UN-REDD Programme Approves US$4 million in Critical Funding for REDD+ in Ecuador

March 2011

Da Lat, Viet Nam - Japan and the European Commission join Norway in collectively pledging US$57 million in new funding for the UN-REDD Programme. Read full release...

US$15.2 million approved for 5 countries at the UN-REDD Policy Board Meeting

November 2010

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, the Philippines and Solomon Islands receive critical funding to support their national REDD+ efforts; Denmark announces US$6 million in additional funding for the UN-REDD Programme and Spain confirms US$1.4 million for 2010. Read full article...

UN-REDD in Latin America

August 2010

The UN-REDD Programme’s pilot and partner countries in Latin America and the Caribbean make important progress in their REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article...


UN-REDD in Ecuador

Budget : US $4 million

Timeframe : 2011- 2013

Focal point : Ministry of the Environment


Ecuador National Programme Document - March 2011
English - Español

Ecuador National Programme Document Third Monitoring Group Meeting Minutes - March 2011
English - Français - Español